Meet Our Artisans

Akwaaba and welcome. With this greeting, the Ghanaian welcomes you to their country. While their modest shops or places of work may likely never fall on your travel itinerary, in subsequent pages we are excited to present you with their pieces as if you were there in-person.

Whether you are viewing Kati and company’s delicate jewelry, Joseph and community’s vibrant baskets, George and the drum makers’ explosive drums, Dan and his apprentices’ beautiful metal work or Niendow’s moisturizing soaps, one distinctive thread binds all these gifted artisans together: Passion. This is by no means a coincidence. The people of Ghana exude a love of their heritage, their culture and their land that is clearly evident in their work.

Each has a story of how they were drawn to their craft. Yet, you will also note that each is driven by more than simply technical proficiency. A sense of responsibility for the greater Ghanaian community runs deeply in our fabricators’ lives and so, in most cases, the artists’ reward will be touched by more than the hands of one.

The pieces are certainly unique, but all bear this underlying warmth of the Ghanaian sense of community. Enjoy the stories, enjoy the pieces and open your home to the warmth of Ghana.