Greetings from Ghana

After finally getting over a flu or something that came with a cough, cold and aches, I am up and about again.

Yesterday (January 25), I made the 13 hour trip to Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana. I was picked up by Niendow – the soap maker, who is in his first year of medical school. He goes to school full time, works about 2 full time jobs in addition to his many ancillary jobs such as farming.

We got our business meeting off the ground when he picked me up from the bus station, made a quick stop at a kebab stand, stocked up on grilled guinea fowl, so spiced it could melt ones’ hair and finger nails. I wolfed it down before I had time to worry about the possible consequences of that hot sauce. 

This morning, I am heading further North to Bolgatanga to meet Joseph and as he informed me, with their elders sometime today. Tomorrow, I plan to meet the basket weavers and present greetings, pictures and school supplies from House of Talents partners,  book donations from Thomson Reuters and First Book, MN.  

It is dry and about 80+ degrees here in the North – it is very comfortable weather, much easier than the -10 degrees I left behind in Minnesota.