Making an Impact

Our Commitment:
House of Talents seeks to empower the talented poor through the sale of high quality handmade artisan products. We are currently working with artisan groups in the West Africa region to promote self-development through economic and social advancement in rural communities and cities.

House of Talents is making the following impact:
We support our artisan communities in many ways. We provide for their healthcare insurance, help organize the delivery of mosquito nets to their community, provide their children with scholarship opportunities as well as help develop and support much needed community libraries and self initiated community projects.

Our artisans freely determine the price of their products thus allowing for a fair price and a life lived in dignity and with pride.

Through our work we dramatically and sustainably increase artisan household income leading to increased access to education, healthcare, food, savings and financial independence. Together with support of our retail partners, we are now providing income to over 1,000 Ghanaian women in the basket weavers’ communities alone.