Traveling to Ghana! (Office closed)

Beginning today, the House of Talents office and store will be closed until early March, as Kate travels out of the country. Each year, Kate returns to Ghana to meet with the artisans and explore new possibilities and additions to the House of Talents community.

Kate stopped to say good-bye before she left this afternoon, tired and stressed from the packing and planning. I asked about her goals for this trip, and she instantly became the passionate, animated philanthropist we’ve all come to know. A smile took over, her weary eyes disappeared, and she told us of the new library she was founding in the basketweavers’ community. The success of the new library in Dan the glassmaker’s community, created by House of Talents through donations from schoolchildren in California, inspired Kate and others to collect enough books to begin anew. Kate’s hope is that everyone in the artisan communities is given the chance to learn to read, imagine, and aspire to great things as Kate once did (see Kate’s story here).

“I cannot wait to visit the basketweavers. We’ve just gotten a new order, and they’re going to make 1,000 bicycle baskets! I don’t know how they will do it, but they have always been able to create something out of nothing. I was up so late last night, packing and preparing and today I am so tired I can hardly stand; but I think about the excitement and faces of the community when I tell them of the order, and I cannot imagine ever being tired of that,” Kate said as she stood.

In addition to Ghana, Kate also hopes that the political climate will allow her to visit Mali and Burkina Faso; there are fabulous handbags and shea butter makers who have heard her story and invited her to see their craftsmanship in the hopes of helping their own communities.

Please keep Kate and her family in your thoughts as she travels; we know from experience that she will return with more beautiful creations and moving stories from those she meets.