The Mission of House of Talents is to alleviate poverty by connecting artisans from developing countries with consumer markets worldwide.

Our Commitment
House of Talents seeks to empower the talented poor through the sale of high quality handmade artisan products. We are currently working with artisan groups in Ghana, West Africa to promote self-development through economic and social advancement in rural communities and cities.

House of Talents is making the following impact:

  • Building long-term relationships with artisans and vendors
  • Providing timely feedback from the markets to the artisans we work with and offer training to enable them compete in the global marketplace
  • Providing fair price; we allow artisans to determine the price of their products – prices that ensure a life filled dignity, pride and the ability to provide for themselves and their families
  • Providing them with markets that ensure sustainable economic benefits that improve the socio economic status of the individuals and the community as a whole
  • Supporting artisans on self initiated projects that enhance community development.

House of Talents was established by Kate Herzog in June, 2009. Kate is originally from Ghana, West Africa and taught herself how to read at the age of ten. She dedicated herself to achieving an education and earned a degree in Economics from the University of Ghana Legon, which led to a career in consulting and luxury resort management. Kate met her future husband, Phil, an American working with the Peace Corps and they moved to Minneapolis, MN, where they currently live and are raising their three sons. Kate has always had the desire to give back to her community in Ghana, and after completing her MBA at the University of St. Thomas, was finally able begin bringing this dream to reality by founding House of Talents. Kate hopes that through this work, her journey will come full-circle and those she helps will lend a hand to others they encounter. Read more about Kate’s story.

The House of Talents Community:

Will Bildsten
Prince Boni
Chris Cook
Ursula Des Bordes
Seth DeGroot
Violet Diallo
Terry Fraser
Phil Herzog
Laura Kalies
Jen Kowskie – Design
Whitney Lee - Website Development
Erin Liddy
Patrick O’Shaughnessy
Busarin Prasittisopin
Brian Slattery
Anne Tonolli
Matthew Wach
Marty Wood
Alex Zoltai


A Note from the Founder, Kate Herzog: 

"The House Of Talents Family"

Bringing House of Talents from a distant dream to the company it is today required the help of many others who believed in our mission. These helpers come from all walks of life; they are business people, musicians, photographers, mountain climbers, triathlon runners, artists, designers, teachers, horse trainers and stay at home moms.

Thanks goes to those helpers as well as to my family, classmates, and friends who worked tirelessly (and their families who held down the fort while we burned the candle at both ends), the Bibelot Shops for putting wind in our sails by showing faith in us before we even had products to show, and of course the numerous artisans who continue to amaze and empower us.

I am also grateful to the University of St. Thomas for providing a wonderful office space and to my professors allowing me to use them as sounding board. All these pieces had to come together to provide the momentum to launch the House of Talents.

Please take some time to explore our website and connect with all of people and things that have motivated and inspired us.