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Ahomka Shea Butter Bars


Ahomka Soap – A bag of 4 mini bars

Great things come in small packages. Enjoy this sample set of our popular 60% shea butter bars.
Find inside the lovely hand sewn (reusable) bag, Neem Clean, Lavender Zen, Verbena and Lemon Lift shea butter soap bars.

Ahomka means wholesome or beautiful in the Akan language of Ghana. Our shea butter soaps are hand-made from all natural ingredients, smooth and soothing for your body.

These distinctive soaps are made in Tamale, located in the Northern part of Ghana, West Africa. The word 'tama' translates to shea - meaning these are produced in the land of shea. You are going feel your body thank you for its moisturizing effect and all natural contents. Do not keep its beauty to yourself, share with others!

Please note that because our soaps are hand-poured and cut by a master craftsman, size and shape tends to vary.

Hand-made from natural ingredients: shea butter, palm kernel oil, soybean oil, essential oils, rose and water. All our soaps are free of chemical, artificial ingredient, pesticide, fertilizer and paraben. Intended for external use as a body bar, but is also good for hair and face.


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