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Kenten Bike Basket


The Kenten  (pronounced ken-ˈtān) Bike Baskets incorporate the vibrant Ghanaian fabrics wrapped around a sturdy iron rim for reinforcement. Whether you need to carry your latest farmers market purchase, or simply your personal belongings, this bike basket will brings functionality into your busy life.

Each bike basket has a unique African textile wrapped around the rim.

Our Kenten (pronounced ken-ˈtān) bike basket is woven from wild date palm. The artisan harvests these palm fronds, pulling apart the stringy threads, braiding them into ropes that are then dried in the sun. The stem of the woody palm is used as ribbing and runs vertical in the weaving process. The artisan weaves the braided fronds through the ribbed structure to secure the basket shape and form.  The opening of the bike basket is then secured with a metal ring and wrapped with colorful African textile using more frond. The final product is exquisitely constructed and sturdy.

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