House of Talents

Kuzera Patio Chair - Natural


Our Kuzera patio furniture are handwoven from wild date palm. The artisan harvests these palm fronds, pulling apart the stringy threads, braiding them into ropes that are then dried in the sun. The artisan weaves the braided fronds around a galvanized metal frame. The final product is exquisitely constructed, sturdy and very comfortable.

They are hand crafted for the utmost stability and produced to add fun and function into any home.

o   General: 31″L x 26″W x 28″H
o   Circle Width: 31″
o   Chair Back: 17″W x 15.5″H
o   Leg Height: 15″
o   Seat: 17″W x 15.5″L

Recommendation: Use a UV, water and sun shield protective spray to help preserve coloration.

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